Legal Advocacy/Professional Development

CHRS Law is working as a pioneer institute for various kinds of trainings programs aimed at the capacity building and professional development of the bar and law enforcement agencies and the corporate sector.The legal fraternity in Pakistan is highly proficient and professional. However, the profession of law has undergone a tremendous change over the course of a decade or so. In line with the changed socio-economic scenario in a globalized world, the CHRS Law offers short term courses for training and professional development of mid to senior level management in corporate sector, law enforcement agencies of the governments (National, Provincial and Local) and the legal fraternity.

We hope to build upon their knowledge in a manner which allows them to perform their duties more effectively. To this end, we provide a number of services including interactive seminars on contemporary legal issues.Our Law Advisory Committee oversees continuing legal education programmes for the legal community. The Committee works to maintain CHRS Law's position as the primary professional education provider in the legal community by monitoring an evaluating programmes to ensure that high quality, effective and timely sessions are offered to meet the professional education needs of the legal community.

Commercial & Corporate Law Services

Corporate Advice and Agreements

Our team of lawyers and legal consultants specialize in reviewing and producing agreements for corporate purposes including distribution agreements, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, consultancy agreements, incorporation agreements, agency agreements, joint ventures, Copyright and Trademark agreements, Terms & Conditions of sale etc.

We provide advice on planning and negotiation of joint ventures, setting up the entire business process starting from contracts, establishment of investment vehicles and companies, financing and government licenses amongst others.

In addition to the above we provide consulting on “in-out” and “out-in” mergers and acquisitions, negotiations with the investment bankers, evaluation of companies, due diligence reviews, contract documentation, and management advice of the acquired company

Our consultation services also extend to Corporate and Commercial Laws (e.g. the rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties, director and auditor responsibilities, replacement of management, etc.), Bankruptcy, Corporate Reorganization, Labor Law, Tax Treaties and other administrative laws and regulations. We establish corporations and other legal entities

Our law firm is fully prepared to handle a diverse range of commercial transactions including project development and financing, licensing, franchising, outsourcing agreements, co-development agreements and consulting contracts.

Our strength is in-depth understanding and knowledge of the local legal and regulatory environment which, when coupled with the delivery of our advice in line with international legal standards, enables us to provide the most cost-effective, practical and commercial advice whilst ensuring legal objectives are also met.

Incorporation of Companies

Our team of experts provide company formation services that guide start-ups to identify the “type” of company required for set-up and provide advice at all stages of the regulatory process registration of companies and execution of contracts.

Commercial Agencies

We have extensive experience of providing advice on all types of commercial agency arrangements such as franchise, distribution, agency and commission arrangements that may impact local laws.

Corporate Restructuring

CHRS LAW specializes in providing strategic and financial advice on corporate restructuring including mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs. Our focused approach, customized solutions and timely advice enables our clients to seize lucrative opportunities presented by the market for a guaranteed ROI. We provide an initial overview advising on likely required actions together with alternative strategies to maximize returns. We collate information on valuation, management, and professional and agency advice to deliver a bespoke service through a central point of contact.

Contract Administration

We conduct contract negotiations, ensuring the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties and compliant to regulations. Our ultimate goal is to reduce risk and enhance operational performance. Our contract management includes authoring and negotiation, baseline management, commitment management, communication management, contract visibility and awareness, documents management, and growth.

Arbitration and ADR

Our team of qualified lawyers and support staff are equipped with the deep understanding of the legal framework as well as the necessary negotiation skills required for successful culmination of Arbitrations and Alternate Dispute Resolutions. The CHRS Law is particularly active in Domestic and Foreign Arbitration & ADR.

CHRS works to improve the domestic arbitral process so that it can function as a separate, reliable, cost effective and efficient means of dispute settlement.

Customs and Taxation

CHRS Law provides practical solutions and renders legal advice to a wide range of corporate sector clientele on matters related to Taxation and Customs Clearance etc.

CHRS is well adverse in the Income Tax Ordinance and the Sales Tax Act. It has an in-depth understanding of the country’s Tax regime. Our team of dedicated Tax lawyers represents clients before the tax authorities, tribunal, FBR and the law courts

NGO Laws

We offer legal services to the local and foreign NGOs in matters pertaining to their registration with the local authorities and help resolve other matters related to their management issues, operational difficulties, logistic problems and training of staff etc. We help in guiding existing and potential clients our services in matters regarding:

  • Statutory requirements that force an NGO to become organized;
  • Legal status “at the official level and among donors;”
  • The ability to open a bank account;
  • The ability to sign contracts;
  • The ability to indemnify employees; and
  • The ability to qualify for financial assistance and tax exemption.

Private Clients

We also provide services to individual clients with respect to civil and criminal litigation. Our team of senior and young lawyers attend court hearings with our clients. In this regard team CHRS Law offer litigation services in all kinds of civil cases pertaining to property rights, family issues, banking transactions and enforcement of contracts etc. On criminal side of the litigation, we offer services in all matters of criminal nature.

Real Estate and Property

Property Management Laws are those statutes and regulations that govern the professionals responsible for managing properties such as apartments, homeowners associations, condominiums, office buildings, cooperatives, and the like.

Professional Obligations

In most states, property managers must be licensed. This typically involves either holding a degree or taking a course on property management and passing some form of written examination. Licensing also usually requires a background check, and criminal convictions for crimes of dishonesty or felonies may disqualify an applicant. After obtaining a license, most jurisdictions require continuing education and payment of annual fees to maintain a license in good standing.

Property managers owe a fiduciary duty to the communities or buildings they represent. A fiduciary duty is the highest duty owed at law, and requires the property manager to always act in the best interests of their clients. This means avoiding conflicts of interest and opportunities for self-gain that would work to the detriment of the client. This duty is owed to the community as a whole, though, not to each individual resident within the community.

Writing and Drafting Services

Our writing and drafting services range from reviewing standard form agreements to drafting and assisting with the negotiation of complex bespoke commercial arrangements. These include drafting power of attorneys, agreements for arbitration, notices and sale and partnership deeds.